Financial translation

Although I have translated from other languages, I focus exclusively on German-English translation, partly because I have spent prolonged periods in the German-speaking world. This has helped me to absorb what German-speaking writers of financial documentation are trying to express, both conceptually and in terms of tonality. A certified professional translator, I have many years’ experience of working in-house as a Senior Translator for one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Banking, economics and finance

This sub-pages within this section of the website give you an  overview of the areas I work with most frequently. As an ex-banker myself, I bring a wealth of valuable experience and expertise to my work. For example, having worked with structured products at my time at BZW, I am uniquely placed to help banks explain them to their clients.

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Other languages

I exclusively translate from German to EnglishIf you are looking for other European language translation pairs or translation involving more languages than just German, I work exclusively with BMP Translations, an award-winning Swiss translation agency that specializes in finance and sets itself the same quality standards that I aspire to. I’d be happy to introduce you.