Banking regulation & compliance

This was an area many people used to be ignorant about. Rather dull, very fiddly, seemingly so… irrelevant to the commercial world of finance. But then came the sub-prime crisis, the credit crunch, and the wider financial crisis – and the regulatory backlash. Suddenly banking regulation became front page news.

Translation of texts relating to regulation is a key part of my everyday work. Be it Basel III and its ramifications, regulatory developments at a legislative level, or the numerous initiatives of supervisory authorities and central banks – I can help you write this in (comprehensible) English.

In 2011 I translated large chunks of the “Too Big to Fail” report for Switzerland’s Federal Department of Finance, and in early 2013 I translated the Federal Department of Finance’s draft consultation paper on a new Financial Services Act. In the intervening years, I have remained extremely active in this area as a translator, editor and trainer.

Derivatives and structured products.